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New music video from Django Soulo. This track is from the forthcoming album "Alone Together". New album drops June 1st, 2019. Hope you enjoy the video. Filmed/edited by Ben Youngbaer and Purple Duck Pictures. He's a great guy with great talent. He's also been a best friend of mine since we were children together.

This Is Wild - A benefit for J Willis Pratt
DJANGO KOENIG Live @ The Haybarn Theatre Video / Audio Production: Leonard Osterberg Chris Martin of The Vermont Musicians Network Bennett Shapiro Adam Woogmaster of Madtech Sound Reinforcement and Lovetown Recording

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Thanks Rob Grobman and everyone at Heartisan Films for this great video! This features footage from The Sharpening Stone Gathering (primitive skills gathering). SSG happens every year on a beautiful property in southern Oregon. Love you Sarah & Adam!

This video was a ton of fun to make. Shot in Plainfield, Vermont (my home town). This is a cover of an awesome Talking Heads song from the newest album 'Django Soulo' out now! Video made by Ben Youngbaer at Purple Duck Pictures.


A Django Soulo freshy. Here is an unreleased song filmed up-close and personally on location at his father's store, The Country Bookshop in Plainfield, Vermont. Filmed and Edited by: Ben Youngbaer & Purple Duck Pictures.

Tiny Desk Contest entry! Well here is a brand new song for you all :) Thanks for filming and editing Ben Youngbaer and Purple Duck Pictures. Love ya bud.

My good friend, Aspen W. just put out a killer video from his 2016 snowboarding season and, man, is it out of control. This homie ain't afraid to send it! Guess what? He decided to use my song "Without a Flame" in his section. Watch Aspen rip it up. Honored to know ya, bud. [track link] [Aspen Interview]

Fresh original track off of Django's album: 'Django Soulo'. Album released on May, 5th 2017.

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Django's debut studio album "We Live On" is on available 11/11/15! Order on iTunes:
Location: Hubbard Park in Montpelier, Vermont
Filmed by Julian Rodier
Edited by Scott Nickerson

The video for 'Happy Just To Know Your Name' off of Django's debut album "We Live On" being released Fall 2015. Order on iTunes:

Filmed by Ben Youngbaer (Purple Duck Pictures/Setting Sun Teahut) June, 2016 on location in Plainfield, Vermont at Setting Sun Teahut. This song is on the album 'Django Soulo'.

Another video by Ben Youngbaer of Purple Duck Pictures. This was shot in Plainfield, Vermont January, 2017 shortly after Django's visit to Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota. A full band version of this song will be released on his upcoming album 'Django Soulo'.
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