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'Django Soulo' - Album Cover

'Django Soulo' - Album Cover

'We Live On' - Album Cover

'We Live On' - Album Cover


Newsletter #11 [New album + Release Show!]

Newsletter #10 [New Album Fundraiser!]

VPR Interview! Listen to the Vermont Public Radio interview from Dec, 14th 2017. Thanks to Art Hounds and host Mary Williams
- D.K. ---Posted 12/26/17---

Newsletter #9 [Vermont Tour & New Music Video!]
- D.K. ---Posted 11/11/17---

'Lost & Found' Interview [Big Heavy World] It was brought to my attention that this interview exists on the internet. I sat down in comfy chairs with Tom Proctor to talk about life and music on Feb 10th, 2016
- D.K. ---Posted 7/3/17---

Newsletter #8 ['Django Soulo' // New Album Out Now!]
- D.K. ---Posted 5/11/17

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The New Album!
 [Album Link]
Well I am so very excited to release my second studio album self titled: Django Soulo. click the link and stream/download the album on BandCamp! Shortly, the album will be released on iTunes, Spotify, Apple music, and all your other favorite music platforms. This album speaks of heartbreak, love, self-care, nature, peacefulness and the changing of our times. Right now CD's are only available at Django Soulo and/or Ty-Alex live shows so come see us! It's my dad's birthday today so let's celebrate. I got him on the list for the Mac Demarco show. We're opening up for Mac at Higher Ground so...that's great! Lemme know if you like the music and stay in touch :)
- D.K. ---Posted 5/5/17---

Fox & Dove // Django Soulo [Link to New Single] - The first single release from Django's upcoming album 'Django Soulo'. Song written by John Freeburn & Django Koenig and is now available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Rhapsody and more.
- D.K. ---Posted 3/1/17---

Newsletter #7 [Standing Rock + West Coast March Tour]
- D.K. ---Posted 11/29/16---

Newsletter #6 [Little West Coast Getaway Tour + New Album: 'Django Soulo']
- D.K. ---Posted 8/21/16---

 Newsletter #5 [Vermont Tour! Flynn+ Frendly Gathering + More]
- D.K. ---Posted  6/11/16---

Newsletter #4 [New Tour Dates + Album On The Way]
- D.K. ---Posted 3/22/2016---

Newsletter #3 [Spring tour 2016 - OR, WA, CO, NM, TX, NOLA]
- D.K. ---Posted 3/6/2016---

Newsletter #2 [VT tour dates, brand new CD's, new music]
- D.K. ---Posted 1/27/2016--- 

 Newsletter #1 [digital album release]
- D.K. ---Posted 11/11/15---

'WE LIVE ON' OUT NOW! DIGITAL DOWNLOAD AT BANDCAMP // So excited this album is now available for all. On this Remembrance Day, let us remember Max Weaver. I dedicate this album to the memory of Max. Pay-What-You-Want at Thanks everyone! 
- D.K. ---Posted 11/11/15---

New Album Being Mixed And Mastered! // "We Live On" my first solo record, is almost ready to be released for digital download! I am so excited for this part of the album's process. I love watching each piece of original music receiving the final shine for all of our listening pleasure (truly the icing on the cake).  Colin McCaffrey (Producer) has helped transform my ideas and dreams into a beautiful piece of art. Thanks Colin!
- D.K. ---Posted 9.27.15---

It is a personal goal of mine to welcome anyone to be able to listen to this album regardless of financial standings. I have put tons of my time, energy, and dollars into the making of this album and I want this music to be shared easily among friends and family of all shapes and sizes. For this reason, I am going to be initially releasing this album digitally as a 'pay-what-you-want' and a 'pay-what-you-can'  deal for a limited time to allow everyone easy and affordable access to my music, as well as to who I am as a musician. It will be available in early October. CD's will be available in the followings months after. Love you all! 
- D.K. ---Posted 9.16.15---

TallGrass GetDown SHOW! // Happy to announce TGGD will be reunited once again to perform at the Fall Hoe Down at Willow Crossing Farm on September 25th in our home town of Johnson, Vermont!
- D.K. ---Posted 8.26.15---

We Live On // My first solo album being released Fall 2015! Big thanks to Colin McCaffrey for all your help and contributions to this album. Also, much love to Max Weaver, a dear friend who left us when he was far too young. We live on through your songs...
-D.K.---Posted 8.15.15 ---

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